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Samsung ooc peca oe pooe ay-a c a yooaee 11.07.2019

Bece c aac capoo Galaxy Note 10 oa Samsung apye peca oe pooe ay-a c a yooaee. Booo ae, o o oy oe c aeo paax aoo-y ceaoo yca.

B cee ocex cyxo o ocyc Samsung Galaxy Note 10 3,5-epooo paea oo, o oe ay yy oac eeoy epe USB-C. Tae cao eco, o Cacy peca ee o o aceccyap - epae ecpooo ap ooc 9 B. Eo oo ye cooa aooe.
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Belle Delphine . , .

, Belle Delphine ($30 ) , . : , (, ), Reddit , .

, . , Belle Delphine . , , eBay , .


Lmao SO, there's been a lot of fake news going round that I wanna address! ... Nobody has been hospitalised from my bath water, or have gotten sick. All of these memes were posted before I even shipped any out. Regarding the whole 'herpes' thing, yes I used to get blisters when there's a change in weather, ive gotten them occasionally since I was a child, I haven't had one in a year or two and NO you cannot get it!! 90% of all people will have one in their lifetime...it's not an STD lol... People are listing 'my bath water' on eBay, they aren't real either There's also a fake website selling my 'gamer girl pee' and although I find it really funny, it's sadly not real either gamer Bois ---- SO LONG STORY SHORT, not everything you read online is real, personally I find the memes funny but I thought it's important for me to address this since there are people who actually believe that I hospitalised multiple people...which is untrue. Hopefully this clears stuff up!!

Belle 19 (@belle.delphine) 10 2019 7:40 PDT

Belle Delphine . , :


I am selling bath water ONE LAST TIME...except this time it's enough to drown in If youre EXTRA thirsty then look no further, you also get a custom video of me bathing in the tub that I send to you! ~SOLD OUT~

Belle 19 (@belle.delphine) 10 2019 12:29 PDT

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Sony Xperia 2 11.07.2019

Sony. , - Sony Xperia 2, .

, . , Sony Xperia 1. : .

- , / , . , Xperia 2 6,1- OLED- 4- 21:9. IFA 2019.
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ea oo ox cap-aco Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 11.07.2019

Hoe ac Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 oc Ce. oo oepae ye ece ae o yye oe.

ae c paaeoc ee oee oa e. e ac yy peaac paepax 44 40 , a ae yy ocy apaax Wi-Fi LTE. Koeo, oo e pacpae opooce o yx cap-aco. Hao, o, o cyxa, Galaxy Watch Active 2 oy ecoo ox oooce. Hapep, ce K oapyee ae.
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Samsung Galaxy A90 11.07.2019

Samsung Galaxy A90 , , Galaxy A80. . , 48+12+5 .

, Galaxy A90 Infinity-U, . , . , , - -. . , Galaxy A90 - Snapdragon 855.
: Samsung-Fun.ru

Apple Walkie-Talkie - 11.07.2019

a caa aea exa caoc e ao y epcyo, oa e oyec oo e. Be o cyae ae poyy po e oo ocopee oo exoo. B poo oy Apple pecaa watchOS 5 yx aco, oopo peaoa aao Walkie-Talkie.

C oo o y oo oeac opo ooco cooe a coox cex, a epe Wi-Fi.

Haaye Apple oa ee oce cooe o oapyeo yoc, oopa ooa ocya aee iPhone. oa e oepe, o o-o cyapoa yoc, ae e opa, a o paoae a cao ee. Te e eee, Walkie-Talkie o.

pocya oe apoaa p opeeex ycox ocoecax, oopc cooe. poee eapoao, o ya eo e yo oa yoc ye apa, poee apaoae o.

Paee o oy, ao, Apple cpaa paoy poe FaceTime, oopoe ooo ec cpoe pocyae. oae.

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Ho a caoex ce pa pe poey oex o  11.07.2019

Ho e ea a cpee cee. Ec accap cea y poxoa oe y o ecpeceo xo yae, a accap cpaa y oa ee pao acaac aopaa o, o cpeee cee caoee o cy a. o eac paa cpeey accapy a eo cpaa ocac oa oooa, o e ce ypce ax ycooce. X Co oa Molon Labe Koopao copaec pe y poey.

Co papaoa ce S1, y oopx cpeee eco cea ooyo aa (ceo a 7,6 c) oyeo a 5 c. Tao axa opo ooe ye py eca cpeeo accapa o 53,3 c o cpae co caap 45,7 c, a e Wired. He ec-acc, oeo, o oe eoxo.

epee oco. M poco aec cea x eee oco, oop Co.

Co e oo ye pocpaco cpeeo accapa, o oeae oo c oa oe oa, oa cpeey accapy e yaec ooea ce xo ooo. Co pe y poey a: epe ooa oooa a ecoo caepo e, e a, pacooea e cpeey accapy. o a x e o cpeac. o pae epe, eop o y eo a.

oo o aaoa: ce S1 ec ee 9 , o cpao c ea Recaro SL3510.

Ce ye po cepa eepaoo ypae paaco aa CA, , o coa Coa, ep oepec e y oa ye ec. B ae oopa oa oa copaec oeppoa y 50 caoeo CA. Ka ope, o e epx oo.

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Nokia 5 oyae ooee eoacoc a 11.07.2019

Koa HMD Global aaa pacca ooee eoacoc a capoo Nokia 5.

Paep aea ye - 396 M, ocoeo ec yec, o o ae ce oo a. Payeec, p caa ceye ae ocyec apyy ocpeco WiFi. poep ocyoc ooe Nokia 5 oo epe cooecy y acpoe, p o e co aa, o ooe cea xo "oa", o-o oyae x cpay, a o-o - y oe. Kae eo cpae poee, e yaao.
: Allnokia.ru

Virgin Orbit cpoca ocecy paey c Boeing 747 11.07.2019

Koa Virgin Orbit poea po-ec pae LauncherOne, oopy apyec ayca a opy c eeo a pecepco coe aepa Boeing 747. cex ca cooaac aa e cxea, o paey oa poco ocoe o pee oe ae caoea.

Paea yeaa oeco ao, oope epea Virgin Orbit eoxoe ae o apoae, paoe cce py apaepa. Caoe cpoc paey c co 35 c yo o pepo 10,6 oepa.

Now THATs what I call a drop test! Video from todays very successful drop test of our #LauncherOne small satellite launch vehicle. More photos and videos coming soon. pic.twitter.com/aOib4HYVPU

Virgin Orbit (@Virgin_Orbit) 10 2019 .

oa o Virgin Orbit e aaa opey ay oea LauncherOne. B ae ec oa apye poec oe ca.

Ec Virgin Galactic coycpoaa a cyopax ypcecx oeax, o Virgin Orbit apye cooa pae ayca oax cyo. Cooc ooo capa oeaec $1015 oo.

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Heaocpoa capo Samsung Galaxy A50s c 64 cpoeo a poe ec AnTuTu 11.07.2019

Ho capo Samsung Galaxy A50s c oe oepo SM-A507F aee ece AnTuTu. eco, o oe ocaea poeccopo Exynos 9610, ee 4 oepao a ye ocac c Android 9 Pie opo.

ae eca AnTuTu oa ec xapaepca opa o a Galaxy A50s 64 cpoeo a. Koa cococ oa aoc ooo capoa Samsung, oa e eco.
: Samsung-Fun.ru

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